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ISPWizard Dialer is a dialer designed specifically for the requirements of Internet Service Providers.  The main aims of the software are to provide a consistent user friendly interface across all versions of Windows and to reduce the opportunity for users to make configuration changes that are likely to prevent them from being able to successfully connect to the Internet.  Automatic updates allow for the program or configuration of the software to be automatically updated when the user connects to the Internet.  The software also allows the dialer to be branded with a custom bitmap so that the user sees the ISP logo every time that they connect to the Internet.


What's the difference between ISPWizard and the ISPWizard Dialer?

Please note that the ISPWizard Dialer is no longer being actively developed. Bug fixes and updates to support new operating systems will however still continue to be released.

If you have a specific feature that you would like to see added to the ISPWizard Dialer, please contact us and we can give you an estimate of how much it will cost to have this done for you. We are also available for custom programming jobs - please contact us for further details!

ISPWizard - Internet Setup Program Wizard