Feedback from ISPs using ISPWizard

We get so much feedback from our users about how much they like ISPWizard that we decided to present a selection here.

Don't just take their word for it - try it for yourself:  We're sure that you and your users will enjoy using ISPWizard!

I have been building and managing ISPs since 1998. The biggest frustration for  the technical support staff generally involves the often treacherous customer
configuration walkthroughs. With the various versions of Windows Operating Systems and the locations for each of the settings, guiding an end-user through the process by phone takes time and lots of patience on the part of the support team and the by customer. By deploying the ISPWizard solution, we now have a standard interface across all supported operating systems for our users, and an easy way to "push" updates to customers with new access numbers, ISP settings, user notifications and more.

We think this software solution is UNDER PRICED. The support for this product is awesome. Kudos to the maker(s) of ISPWizard and hope to see this product stick around in the ISP arena for many, many years to come.

Nicholas Maietta, Commnetivity

Just thought I should let you know that I gave my boss a demo of the product and he loves it.  We have already registered it and must say this thing rocks.  You are doing an EXECELLENT job.  This is worth every penny.
Roger Taylor - Ace Communications

ISPWizard is the best easy setup + dialer piece on the market.  Take it from us.  We have paid to use EZN, Usefulware, Netsurfer, and Rockstar, and we wish we would have found ISPWizard first as it would of saved us hundreds of thousands in license fees.   Don't make the same mistake we did, save yourself the money and use ISPWizard first and it will be the last time you ever have to search for a dialer + setup software.
Brandon Mullenberg - Dialup USA, Inc.

I just wish I had started using you program years ago. I used to do my own dialup with about a half dozen numbers using IEAK then in March I outsourced to a wholesaler who uses your program. Before I started using your program in May I used to have all kinds of authentication problems with windows users. Getting the users to switch over to the dialer have virtually eliminated the auth errors.
Mike K - NetDotCom Internet Services.

"Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all your help while I was getting use to the ISPWizard software. Our setup CD has been going out to our customers now for over a month. It works great, and there have been no problems. The ISP I work for has spent thousands of dollars to have various companies create setup CDs for us, but none have been as easy to install or support as many versions of Windows than the one that I created using ISPWizard.

Your software has made me a hero at work (for this month anyway).

Thanks again!"

John Hurley - Mendocino Community Network

      What an excellent package. The sheer simplicity of this package has allowed us to take on more users exponentially without the need for additional staff."
Adam Charette, SureNet Communications Group.

"I'm a registered user of the ISPWizard Program and have used it with great success for approx. 7 months.  First let me say that this is one of the best apps of any type I've ever used, in both ease of use and actual execution.  It has saved me MANY hours of technical support compared to what I used to use."
Gordon Dickerson - High Forest Net Solutions

"Just needed to drop you a line and let you know how satisfied we are with this product.  We have spent thousands on fancy signup cd's only to have them not work in all situations. Since we started using the disks we made from ISPWizard we have had NO ONE, call us unable to get on the Internet.  Thanks a million."
Mark Kelley - North Texas Web Services

"I simply love your program. It has saved us so much time and aggravation."
Brenda - Sunflower Community Network

"Thanks again for your time, and for an awesome product.  I wish I'd seen this when we were starting out 2 years ago!  ...please feel free to quote me.  You have a great product, and you don't seem to feel the need to gouge your customers."
Kirk Rafferty - Fairplay Communications

"Love the product, and totally appreciate what you have made... Absolutely awesome...  you wouldn't believe how much ISPWizard has cut down my work load....."
Richard Ham - CaloundraNet

"My partner and I opened our ISP service, and went LIVE on July 17th, 2000. By the 20th we had signed up 23 customers and had a heck of a time trying to get them setup!!! I spent 2 1/2 hours with just one new user trying to walk him through "Make a new connection". Late Friday night I went to the ISP-Lists discussion group and saw a posting that had your web site address. Needless to say I went there in a flash.

I registered and downloaded the trial on Saturday, WOW! You saved me 3 service calls tomorrow. I simply called the users and had them download the .exe and install it. BAM!, their problems were solved and they were surfing in minutes (cleaned up proxies and IP address issues).

It's Sunday night and I'm a "happy camper" I've already written out your check and it will be mailed in the morning....

My partner & I salute you...

Thank you so much for the great job you've done...

PS. Please feel free to have any prospective client contact me...

Feel free to use this story, just leave out our web site address and my name. (I don't want my competition to get a hold of my unfair advantage)"

"Just a short note to let you know how much we have appreciated your support and dedication to the setup of ISPWizard for

Your software and advice has been invaluable in the setup of our ISP and has reduced the amount of support calls we receive by an incredible 85%, which means less time on the phone for us and more time to make money.

In closing I just wanted you to know how much your assistance and product support has been appreciated and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Rock"

"Just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job and that my customers love using our setup CD's since we started using ISPWizard... keep up the good work!"
Matthew Daniels - Falcon Web Services

"WOW, I love it!  You have done a GREAT job and I need no more time for testing.  The only comment I have is that you do not charge enough for your product.  At current we spend about $5,000.00 per month on signup CD's and with your program we will be able to pump out our own floppy disks for about $500.00 each month or our own CD roms for about $1,000 per month.  I would have been VERY happy to pay you in the range of $5,000 to $10,000 for your product but hey... thanks for the GREAT price.  I will go to your web site now and click the order button!"
Jeff Paden  - Modem Madness


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